Nasir al-Din Shah

Qajar monarch, Nasir al-Din Shah also Nasser-udin
Ruled Persia from 1848-96
His mother Mahd Ulya played a major role in the poliics of his reign.
Father of the Zil es Sultan
In the 1850s the Persian Shah Nasir al-Din Shah laid seige to Herat to regain this historically Persian city from Pashtun control. Britain saw this as a major move in the Great Game and a precursor to the loss of India to the Russians. To stop the Persians Great Britain invaded persia taking Bushire on the Persian Gulf. The British then pressured the Persians to give up Herat and return it to the Pashtuns. See Guide to Timuri Rugs.Diary of His Majesty the Shah of Persia During His Tour Through Europe in A.D. 1873 translated by J.W. Redhouse
The Qajar monarch, Nasir al-Din Shah, ruled Iran for the second half of the nineteenth-century (1848-96), a momentous period in which the forces of colonialism and Western commercial interests were fully unleashed on the Islamic world. On April19, 1873 the Shah set out on a trip which was to take him to Russia, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Turkey, and Georgia. During the tour he faithfully recorded his impressions of Europe in a diary. Within a year of the Shah’s visit to Europe, Sir James W. Redhouse, a well known British Orientalist scholar had published a translation of the Shah’s diary. It remains a document of nineteenth-century social history which records a vanished world of European imperialism and industrial and technological change.