Iran Links

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  1. Abadan
  2. American-Iranian Council endevours to contribute to better understanding and sustained dialogue between the two nations..
  3. Arts of Persia, Gateway to Iranian Art, Culture & Music: Persian Links
  4. Association for Middle East Women’s Studies Center for Iranian Modern Arts:
  5. Arya — featuring Persian literature/poems (in Farsi using ParsNegar) and other Iranian links
  6. Center for Iranian Research and Analysis)
  7. Critique: Journal for Critical Studies of the Middle East
  8. Currency Exchange
  9. CyberIran – Persian music, forum, museums, history, culture, recipes, vidoes and much more.
  10. Cyrus the Great focuses on the famous king, also has a chronological list of all the Persian rules throughout history.
  11. Ethnologue: Iran
  12. Ettelaat
  13. FarsiNet offers free web presence for non-profit organizations, artists, poets, writers, scientists, philosophers, educators and has a great set of links.
  14. Faslnameh Honar Quarterly Arts Review – arts magazine in Persian.
  15. Foundation for Iranian Studies
  16. Golchin is a Persian-language monthly published in Texas, their site is entirely in Persian.
  17. Hafteh Bazaar
  18. Information on Farsi
  19. International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (published under the auspices of MESA)
  20. Iran CIA Factbook Home Page
  21. Iran
  22. Iran – includes history, music, overview and contemporary profile of Iran.
  23. Iran: The Country of Nobles a dense site dedicated to Persian art and literature, it also features a collection of articles, images and other links.
  24. Iran Culture and Information Center contains reviews of several Persian web sites plus a photo-documentary of the Iran-Iraq war by F. Sadeghi; this site is packed with sounds, animation, java applets.
  25. Iran Business Resources — a listing including a listing of Iranian businesses, organizations, and publications
  26. Iran Culture and Information Center — contains reviews of several Persian web sites plus a photo-documentary of the Iran-Iraq war by F. Sadeghi; this site is packed with sounds, animation, java applets — a fast connection is highly advised
  27. Iran Nameh (published by the Foundation for Iranian Studies)
  28. The Iranian is an excellent web magazine, well worth checking out.
  29. Iranian American Cultural Association, Tel: 301-656-4222
    PO Box 71171, Chevy Chase, MD 20813
  30. Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland
    P.O. Box 9844, Towson, Md. 21284-9844
  31. Iranian Association of Boston, Tel: 617-232-9909
    PO Box 64, Newtonville, MA 02160
  32. Iranian Association of Connecticut
    PO Box 1535, Norwalk, CT 06852
  33. Iranian-American Society of Greater Dayton
  34. Iranian Cultural & Information Center
  35. Islamic Architecture in Isfahan
  36. Iran Media a page dedicated to Iranian/Persian cinema, films, television, and radio programs
  37. IRAN Net
  38. Iran Net
  39. Iranbooks is a bookstore and publisher specializing in books about Iran.
  40. Iran Business Resources is a listing including a listing of Iranian businesses, organizations, and publications.
  41. Iran Media — a site dedicated to Iranian/Persian cinema, films, television, and radio programs
  42. Iran OL is an outstanding set of links to Iranian web sites.
  43. Iran Online
  44. Iran Photo Album
  45. Iran Sports Net
  46. Iran: The Country of the Nobles — a collection of articles, images, and other documents including pictures from the library of the Embassy of Iran (Tokyo, JP)
  47. Jennifer O’Malley’s Iran Travel Information & Links
  48. Iran Watch, a world-wide web service which will provide reference works about Iran, its government and economy, and its culture
  49. IRAN Web — serves as a diversified information resource concerning Iran
  50. Iranian Cultural and Information Center is a popular collection of resources and links, however, much of the material is very dated.
  51. Iranian Friendship Circle is a webring of Iran related web sites.
  52. Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network – the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education t
  53. Iranian Sports Homepage covers the Iranian sports scene.
  54. Iranian Studies
  55. Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation
  56. Iranshahr is a Persian-language monthly published in California by Ketab Corporation.
    NEW ! English section – Page 10 !
  57. Iranshahr at the U of Washington (US) — provides history, literature, music, and pictures on Iran
  58. IranShahr at Frostburg State U. (US) — a collection of news and commentaries from Iranian sources
  59. Irantelaat — Iranian Information Network
  60. Iranvision is a Canadian site with some promissing content, but mostly links.
  61. IRNET
  62. IsfahanLibrary of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handb
  63. Jahan Books is a mailorder service specializing in books about Iran. The new email is:
  64. Journal Pezeshki
  65. Kereshmeh Records is a record label specializing in Persian classical, new and folk music.
  66. Korosh Bozorg
  67. Lonely Planet – Travellers’ reports on Iran
  68. Lund’s Institute of Technology’s Iran Page based in Sweden
  69. IranWeb – offering an online art gallery, poetry by Omar Khayyam, a brief history of Iran, music and more. Art and books for sale.
  70. Mazda Publishers publishes books in English and Persian on Persian culture and literature.
  71. Mehr Publications
  72. Metro Monthly Publication
  73. Middle East Journal (published by the Middle East Institute)
  74. Middle East Outreach Council
  75. Middle East Quarterly
  76. Middle East Research and Information Project
  77. Middle East Resource Center — Organizations, Publications, PMosaic (Persian WWW Browser)
  78. Middle Eastern Studies Association
  79. Mirase Iran
  80. Museum of Contempory Iranian Artists – online gallery of Persian artists working in all media of visual and performing arts. In Farsi with some English.
  81. My Iran Television — a television program produced in the Pacific Northwest (US)
  82. Neda Research Institute claims to be Iran’s largest ISP. The site has a thin layer of basic information on Iran, the one notable and potentially useful section being a sort of CPI for Iran. A number of consumer goods are listed, along with current price in rials, this appears to be updated semi-periodically.
  83. NetIran is a very comprehensive collection of information on Iran. It includes excerpts from Iran YearBook, Iran/Land of Norooz, and a database complete with United Nations resolutions and statements, Tehran Times archive, Iran News archive, IRNA archive, biographies on cabinet members and other government officials, book reviews and more.
  84. Par Monthly Journal
  85. ParsNet is an excellent huge general site.
  86. Payam — includes a calander of occasions and historic events, scientific/technical seminars in Iran, list of Iranian journals, important addresses/telephone nos. in Iran, an FTP database, and poems in Gerdsooz
  87. Payvand — includes an Iranian Directory and a Calendar of Event
  88. Persepolis
  89. Persepolis is a general site that sells Iranian National World Cup T-shirts.
  90. Persia, information, pictures, poems and recipes
  91. Persia.Net — a comprehensive site offering history, news, pictures, music, links, Persian miniatures, cultural information, and poems; a mirror site of PersiaNet’s homepage index
  93. Persian Architecture – Fundamental Concepts
  94. Persian Heritage — a page dedicated to the culture of Persia and its people; features music, poetry, monthly articles, miniature, homepage, humor, and more
  95. Persian Mathematicians Persian National Music Ensemble has a bunch of info about classical Persian music.
  96. Persian Outpost is an online review for the Persian/American family
  97. Persian Painting – Miniature – gallery tour.
  98. Persian Poetry and Art – collection of Persian poems, art and painting plus links to other Persian sites.
  99. Persian Yellow Pages
  101. Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran – The Official Site
  102. Raabet — Business/Individual Directory, bulletin board, joke center, and more
  103. Rahavard is a Persian-language quarterly about Persian studies published in California.
  104. RANET WWW site in Tehran
  105. Salam Iran of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran (Canada)
  106. Shahreh-Farang! (English/Farsi) — featuring links to other Iranian sites; will soon have a Persian tutorial/dictionary and Persian proverbs
  107. Shiraz
  108. Simorgh
  109. soc.culture.iran is a usenet group which covers a gamut of topics, the debate is usually contentious and wearying.
  110. Society For Iranian Studies Soroush is a commercial BBS which focuses on Persian culture.
  111. Soor Esrafil Page — a Persian WWW homePage including info on famous Iranian scientists/poets, miniature paintings, Khayyam’s Rubayyat, and more (new address)
  112. Tehran
  113. Tehran Magazine
  115. The Persian Book Review
  116. Treasures of Persian Literature
  117. UT – MENIC: Countries: Iran
  118. Vis à Vis: Beyond the Veil” is an Internews’ documentary on US-Iranian relations which premiered on PBS in August 1998.
  119. Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs (published by the American Educational Trust)
  121. Zan — a directory/anthology about Iranian women