R. Budd Dwyer

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R. Budd Dwyer

His final moments. Budd was a good and decent man. Budd was an honest man. He was framed for a crime he did not commit. I can understand the horrible desperation that drove him to those depths. Budd was a friend and after his death I never felt the same about politics again. Ten years ago I put away this clipping because I could not look at it with a dry eye. I still can’t but some things we must never forget.

J. Barry O’Connell Jr

I got to know Budd through the Republican State Committee. before I was an elected member I used to carry our County Chairman’s proxy down to the meetings. Poor Jim Kehrer was dying of cancer and he trusted me so he would ask me to represent him. It was through him I got to know Budd. When Budd Dwyer came into a room he had a presence to him. He made you feel he either knew you or wanted to know you. He was not like Thornburg or Scranton who acted like they blessed you by noticing you at all.

Budd and I were not close until I was the coorinator for Roy Zimmerman for North Central Pa. Roy was running for State Attormey General on the same ballot as Budd was running on for State Treasurer. Now one thing I can do is give a stump speech. So when I was touring Party functions, picnics, dinners, rallies, etc,,, I would speak a little about Budd and the need to elect him and Roy as a team. I got to see a good bit of Budd that campaign and we became friends.

I was also living in Williamsport when Budd was on trial in Federal Court there. Malcolm Muir was the judge. Muir was long past what little prime he ever had. There was a great deal of preasure to contain that trial. Someone was guilty and it sure was not Budd Dwyer. If you had a list of the unindicted co-conspirators and who they worked for it would all fall into place. Several of the men were senior aids to very important people. By keeping them out of the press their bosses were not smeared. Budd and Bob Asher took the fall but they were not guilty.

Some day I may tell everything I learned, but this is enough for now.