Mary Hunt Kahlenberg

Mary Hunt Kahlenberg, one of the major authorities in the U.S. in the field of historic textiles, formerly served as Curator of Textiles and Costumes at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for a decade, where she built its Indonesian and Pre-Columbian collections.

Leslie Orgel

Dr. Leslie Orgel and wife Alice (Alice Orgel M.D.) lived in La Jolla. Rug Collector since the late 1960s

Khaibar Gudarzian

Also known as Khaibar Khan Gudarzian, Khaibar Khan, Mohammad Ali, Godarzian, Goodarzian

Khaibar Gudarzian was an Armenian Iranian who is alleged to have concocted an elaborate ruse to cheat the Iranian royal family.

Juma Namangani

Wahabbi Uzbek Commander of Taleqan Juma Namangani. After the fall of Taleqan to the United Front Namangani shifted to Kunduz where he was an important Commander during the siege.

Julie Sirrs

Julie Sirrs is a terrorism expert formerly with the Defense Intelligence Agency. Rumor has it that she is considered by some to have “gone native”.

John Carter Vincent

Head, Chinese Affairs, State Department
believed to be Red Chinese agent at State Department linked to Owen Lattimore.

James Mellaart

Genius or fraud, academic or black marketer, Mellaart is the most controversial archaeologist of the 20th century.

Hoover Spy Letter

Dear George:

I thought the President and you would be interested in the following information with respect to certain high Government officials operating an alleged espionage network in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the Soviet Government.