Rashid ad-Din

Rashid ad-Din was the author of the Jami’ at-tawarikh.
Rashid ad-Din was a Persian Jew who converted to Islam and served at the Mongol court in Persia.
Born in 1247 almost 30 years after Cingis Qan conquered Persia. He served Ghazan, Oljeitu and was executed in 1318 by Abu Sa’id.
He assembled a record of the Mongol dynasty called the “Jami’ at-tawarikh”.
There are splendid translations in Russian but I am unfamiliar with a full translation in English. J. A. Boyle translated parts of it and I believe he published some of it in:
Boyle, J. A., ed. The Cambridge History of Iran: Volume 5: The Saljuq and Mongol Periods. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1968
Russian translation
Rashid-ad-din. “Sbornik Letopisei,”
Vol. 1 translated by L. A. Khetagurov. Moscow-Leningrad 1952.
Vol. 1/2 translated by Yu P. Verkhovski Moscow-Leningrad 1960.
Vol III translated by A. K. Arends. Moscow-Leningrad 1946.